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Some little projects or ideas I'm doing, did, or thinking to do.



movie ranking social site, where movies are ranked one against another rather than noted on a scale. project is on hiatus, but a closed alpha with some friends proves that the concept is good!


versioney aims to be a ssg that can update topic pages following its commit history. More info later. [gitlab]



tibl is a bad site/blog engine that works with Github Pages and client-side Markdown rendering.

[website] [github]


tibl-cli is a bad python CLI for tibl

[website] [github]


jivéox is a Discord bot that has two main features:

jivéox uses discord.py, redis for its database, and is currently hosted on Heroku, though I may migrate it to a private Docker instance someday.



Nickname generator based on League Of Legends data. Goal was to generate typical nicknames depending on champions from the game.

It was a nice project to discover Rust and its quirks, though it was very slow to code because of that.




nnsynth is a project with no real goal other than making sounds by using neural networks. The purpose is to use networks that produce oscillating patterns, to play these outputs, or to modulate other networks or neurons with them.

[twitter] [github] [gitlab] tibl