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LD43 Report

Some months ago, along with Stending, I sleep-deprived myself to make a game in less than 72 hours. This type of challenges/events are called game jams.

Here I'll talk about my first experience, and speak about some games that I found interesting.

Game Jam log

The event started at 3AM for us, so we prefered to get a good night of sleep and start the jam early in the morning.

The theme was "Sacrifices must be made". Not the best theme (I'd have really liked to work around the "Automation" one), but certainly not the worst. Working on the theme and on the basic game features takes time. It is not a problem to spend some hours on that, since it will be the backbone of the project.

Having to do things you're not accustomed to takes a tremendous amount of time. We were two, with little to no skills concerning art, and it is some of the tasks that took us the longest amount of time. Not only it is time consuming, but being so slow to do simple things can be really frustrating. So if you're not a musician to any extent, don't try to come up with a rhythm game, or be prepared to spend very large amounts of time and expect to be sometimes underwhelmed by the results.

Notable entries

During the rating phase, I stumbled upon some very interesting games/concepts.


A "wholesome" colorful fps where you defend your village using citizens.


Fixin' to Die

A literal take on the theme where you have to fix or kill wounded soldiers.



Didn't have the time to play it until the end yet, but a very nice art and a quite unique concept.


Eternal Home Floristry

A very poetic game with a nice atmosphere.



A tiny platformer game that feels good.


The Questiest Quest of the Intertwined Feast

Our game!

It's a rhythm game with weird colorful characters and an obscure prophecy. The sacrifice is implemented in gameplay choices that will add or remove features.


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