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(Idea from here)

I'm currently working at Inria's ALMAnaCH team, on OSCAR as a R&D Engineer! I'm very happy to be working on open-source initiatives, in one of my favourite domains, using one of my favourite languages 👀.

In the last months I've been working on personal projects too, notably:

I'm currently working on other things that I'll keep under wraps for now.

Hobbies-wise, I'm trying to get back at biking, trying to do at least two >20km rides per week. I'm currently a bit worried that my fixed gear bike is too broken to be safe to ride daily, and the current restrictions linked to health measures in France are not helping.

I'm currently getting back at classical piano, after years of negligence. I began with Bach's BWV 926, then worked on Rameau's Les Cyclopes, and I just finished the first Prelude of Messiaen, La Colombe. I'm currently looking to whether continue exploring Messiaen's work or rather continue wandering between Bach, Rameau or maybe Couperin.

While I had paused doing music live on twitch, I'm slowly doing lives again, after learning a bit more about my new gear, namely the Polyend Tracker.

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