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👋 Bonjour!

I'm Julien "uj" Abadji, and welcome to my internet space 🌌!


I'm a R&D engineer interested in several fields revolving around (un)supervised AI/ML: bio-inspired models, minimalist approaches, data processing, NLP.

I'm also interested in the way people write, check and deliver their code: practices, linting, CI/CD, deployment through containers and orchestration.

I currently work on OSCAR, a huge multilingual corpus that is freely available, and am part of the ALMAnaCH team @inria.


I divide my free time between electronic music , piano, movie watching and side projects, and if you want to know more, head to the now page!

what's this site about?

Mainly about side projects, games and maybe one or two tech posts when I'll feel like it.

Content is laid out into two categories:

You can contact me on twitter.

Have a good one! 🌚🌝

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